RYA Instructor Affiliate Programme

Kipper Sailing's Affiliate Programme is open to all RYA Instructors



  • £100 off your own RYA Day Skipper or Yachtmaster Theory Training
  • 20% off RYA Day Skipper or Yachtmaster Theory Training for friends, family and students + £40 commission for you.

How the programme works 


Sign up here and we will provide you with 2 voucher codes.

  1. Private Voucher Code
  2. Public Voucher Code 

You can use the your Private Voucher Code to purchase any of our online courses for your own professional development at £100 discount. If you already hold all the qualifications you need you don't have to use it.


Your Public Voucher Code may be used any number of times and may be given to anybody you know or meet: family, friends, members of your sailing club & students. You might even advertise it on your sailing club noticeboard. Anybody can then use it to purchase one or more of our courses, receiving 20% discount and we will pay you £40 gross commission.


For example, you give your Public Voucher Code to a friend. They use it to purchase a Day Skipper Theory Course, which normally retails for £295 but they get 20% off, so only pay £236, and we pay you £40.


Terms & Conditions

  • You must be a RYA Instructor and RYA Member. (It doesn't matter what sort of instructor you are.).
  • Training materials provided to you as part of a course purchased for your own personal development must not be used for teaching and third-party. 
  • Discounts are only available when purchasing via the Kipper Sailing web-site.
  • We will tell you about student registrations attributable to your Public Voucher Code as they occur.
  • Commission becomes payable 14 days after the student has registered (to allow for the 14-day statutory cooling off period for all online sales).
  • Commission will be paid gross (including VAT) against your invoice, within 7 days, by bank transfer.
  • Only one discount voucher may used in any purchase and discounts are not cumulative. 
  • Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or price promotion.
  • In the event of fraud or misuse of any voucher code the affiliate may be removed from the programme and their voucher codes blocked.
  • You must tell us if you cease to be a RYA Instructor or RYA Member.
  • Membership of the affiliate programme is at Kipper Sailing's discretion and might be withdrawn at one month's notice.





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