Terms & Conditions

Kipper Sailing is a trading name of Skippers Online Ltd. 


Both Kipper Sailing and SOL are accredited RYA Distance Learning Providers.


Kipper Sailing’s online courses are owned and licensed by Skippers Online Ltd (SOL). 


The Course Fee is as advertised net of any discount.


The initial term of your registration is 12 months. You may purchase unlimited 6 month extensions for £50 or 12 months for £80.


In return for payment of your course fee:


Kipper Sailing will provide you with: instructor support 7 days a week, a student pack comprising charts, a training almanac and course handbook, lessons, quizzes, self-assessment exercises, mock exams with automatic feedback and final exams. Final exams will be marked by a qualified RYA instructor who will provide detailed feedback and a pass/fail decision. If you pass all your exams you will be awarded the relevant RYA Course Completion Certificate. If you fail you will be offered unlimited resits during the term of your registration.


SOL will grant you a personal non-transferable licence to use the courses during the term of your registration.


You are entitled to a money back guarantee. To activate it you must haven not requested any exams and must notify us within the within 14 days of first registering. You can then either return your student pack in such condition that it can be re-used, in which case we will refund your full course fee, or you can retain it, in which case we will refund your course fee less £50.