What's different about Kipper Sailing's online training?

Selecting the right online training provider is key to learning efficiently and enjoyably. Different providers employ various approaches to course delivery, ranging from simply presenting material in written form, meaning that you just read, pretty much, what you'd find in a textbook but off a screen, to highly engaging multi-media incorporating sound, realistic 3D images, and interactive quizzes to deliver an enjoyable learning experience.


At Kipper Sailing we have employed state-of-the art online learning tools, a professional voice-over artist and 3D modellers to translate many, many years experience from our instructors into what we believe is the very best online training for RYA Shorebased (theory) qualifications. So read our customer reviews and check out our unique features below before making your choice.

Fully Narrated Lessons

All our lessons are narrated because we believe you will learn faster if you use your ears and your eyes. It also means that we can deliver more information and inject a few anecdotes and a degree of levity that simulates what you would experience if you took the course in a classroom with an old sea dog who is also a very accomplished communicator and tutor. 

We don't just teach you the minimum you need to pass the exam

We go beyond the RYA syllabus to teach what you should to know to skipper a vessel efficiently and safely, not just to pass the exams. For example, we incorporate videos that demonstrate: engine checks, fire-fighting, flood control, dismasting and jury rigging, life-jacket tests, inflating and boarding a liferaft. We also include basic radar training and the use of AIS. 

Highly realistic 3D models

We use highly-realistic 3D models to present any scenario as it might be viewed from your vessel, another vessel or helicopter. This is particularly valuable when teaching The Collision Regulations, Buoyage and Pilotage.

Study without an Internet connection

Our lessons can be downloaded onto tablets and smartphones for offline use, enabling you to learn without an Internet connection, perhaps whilst travelling. We even have a number of students studying on vessels at sea.

Round the clock support

Our Instructors are based in the UK and Thailand, enabling us to deliver round the clock support.

12 months access

We allow 12 months to study and, if you don't manage to complete the course by then, you can purchase a 6 month extension for £50 or £80 for 12 months.

Mock Exams

We provide mock exams to help you prepare for the real thing.

Detailed instructor feedback on your exams

We provide detailed instructor feedback on your exams, whether you pass or fail, explaining exactly where you answers vary from the RYA’s model answers.

Unlimited Resits

We allow unlimited exam resits at no extra cost.

Lifetime (well almost) Access

Once you have passed your exams we allow you to continue to access the lessons for a minimum of 2 years (effectively unlimited but, as they say, nothing is forever).

Proud to pay UK taxes

We are a VAT registered British company, comply with EU Law regarding the sale of digital goods and pay corporation tax on our profits.