Multiple Bookings


Studying with friends or family is fun and tends to get better results.


Order 2 or more courses and get a whopping 25% off every course. PLUS Order 6 or more courses and get one free place for every 5 paying students (ideal for larger families and sailing clubs). …..and not everybody has to study the same course. 


For example, if you need a total of 3 Day Skipper courses and 5 Yachtmaster courses, you will pay for a total of 7.


Simply complete this form and we'll send you voucher codes for each student to register themselves bypassing payment for their course.


When they register, If they require a plotter/divider kit, they can pay for it then (£28). Similarly, if they are outside the UK, they pay for delivery  (UK £Free, Europe £10, Worldwide £20).